Around the yards w/e 14/10


Simbrahs from the Whiting family at Jericho, cialis 40mg sold at Blackall 13/10 by GDL Blackall


Simmental/Charolais X steers from Walcha on Auctions Plus 8/10

Auctions Plus 8/10
Simmental/Charolais cross steers made 447c/kg or $1, store 205 in the eastern states cattle sale. The 13-14 month old EU accredited steers averaging 269 kg staying local within the Walcha, NSW area.

Shepparton V, 7/10 – 1100 yarded
Peter and Julie McPherson, 8 Simmental-Hereford cows, first and second calvers, rejoined with autumn-drop calves, $3025. “We would have taken them home again if they hadn’t made over $2850,’’ Mrs McPherson said. “The only reason they are here is a change of direction, as we are moving towards straight Simmental.’’

Biggenden Q 10/10 – 1551 yarded
W&L Beddows, Murgon sold Simbrah weaner steers for 424c/$947.
NL&J Markwell, Mundubbera sold Simmental cross milk tooth heifers for 350c/$1491.
SM&DJ Cronin, Bucca sold Simmental cross milk tooth heifers for 336c/$1159.

Dalby Q 12/10 – 5417 yarded
A/c Brian and Arlie Wormwell, “Monivae”, Moonie, Simbrah Weaner Heifers 400c/kg and $1104p/head.

Roma 13/10 – 996 yarded
John York, Taunton, Roma sold Simmental X steers to 297c, for 619kg to return $1840.

Blackall 13/10
3 decks of Simbrahs from the Whiting family of Jericho, steers made 436.2c, 258kg for $1125; heifers made 405.2c, 232kg for $940.