Around the yards w/e 16/12


Lakeside Simmental heifers and calves sold on Auctions Plus 16/12/16


Hawkins Pastoral Co, visit web Qld, price Simmental x steers sold on Auctions Plus 16/12/16

Boyanup WA, 2/12
Greenfields Ag Services, Boyanup, 15 Simmental X Steers, 401kg, 342c/kg for $1373.70. 6 Simmental X Steers, 329.2kg, 352c/kg for $1158.67. 5 Simmental X Steers, 289kg, 350c/kg for $1011.50.
TJ & MB Waugh, Manjimup, 21 Simmental heifers ave 322.1kg, 339.7c/kg for $1094.33.
59 Simmental steers ave 382.1kg, 348.2c/kg for $1330.53 – top 362c/kg & $1419.25/hd.

Naracoorte Weaner Sale, SA, 9/12 (Auctions Plus)
PM & RL Gericke, 23 Angus/Simmental heifers 338.8kg, 346c/kg $1172.25. 9 Simmental X EU heifers 345.6kg, 342c/kg $1181.95.
Tallageira Past Co, 10 Simmental x EU heifers 327kg, 371c/kg $1213.17. 9 Angus/ Simmental heifers 276.1kg, 380c/kg $1049.18. 22 Angus/Simmental heifers, 272.5kg, 393c/kg $1070.93.

Auctions Plus 9/12
SS & JA Robertson, Kingston SA, 48 Simmental X Red Angus & Hereford steers, 309.8kg for $1180/hd. 45 Simmental X Red Angus & Hereford heifers, 288.2kg for $1070/hd – Woonallee and Waterfront bloodlines.

Auctions Plus 16/12
A/C Hawkins Pastoral Co, Wandoan Q, 31 Simmental x steers, 468.4kg for $1465/hd
A/C Lakeside Simmentals, Robe SA, 30 heifers & calves, 586kg for $2600/hd

Biggenden Q, 14/12 – 523 yarded
SH&SK Apel, Chinchilla sold a line of Droughtmaster Charbray Simmental X weaner steers from 350c-386c/$726-$1097.

Dalby Q, 14/12 – 2012 yarded
Lemrex Pty Ltd of Kingaroy sold Simmental x steers to Restockers 416.2c 249kg AV $1037.
RC & EM Skene of Cecil Plains sold Simmental Feeder heifers 356.2c 321kg AV $1144 Simmental heifers to Restockers 357.2c 283kg AV $1010.
BE & AM Taylor of Millmerran sold Simmental steers 360c 365kg AV $1315.
Sources: Landmark Bunbury, Auctions Plus, Jim Pola/GDL