Around the yards w/e 17/6

Emerald 16-06-16

Emerald 16-06-16

Gympie 13/6 – 2112 head yarded

Steve & Terri Asmus sold Simmental X weaner steers 333.2c to return $916 and Simmental X weaner heifers 281.2c to return $731


NVLX 14/6

Brewer Pastoral of Koreton, page 10 Simmental X cows 541.5kg, website 254.2c/kg to $1376.49; 7 Simmental X cows 492.1kg, medications 233.2c/kg to $1147.68


Boyanup 14/6 – 285 head yarded

ME & SJ Waters F/Trust 1 Simmental X heifer 575kg, 278c/kg to $1598.50


Emerald 16/6 – A new Emerald saleyard record was set when weaner steers hit a top of 406.2c/kg.

Alan and Julie Hay, Blairgowrie, Jericho, sold a quality draft of 106 Simmental/Braford/Santa cross weaner steers to top the sale and set a new Emerald saleyard record of 406.2c/kg. The draft averaged 393c for an average weight of 227kg. The lead pen of Simmental cross steers weighed 288kg for $1122/head.


Roma 14/6 – 5750 head yarded

B & N Bauer, Arlington, Augathella, sold Simmental X heifers to 320c for 277kg to return $888.


Mt Gambier 10/6

Teys Australia bought 45 steers 300kg+, including 14 Rellum Farms Simmental blood, Simmental X steers, av 391kg, at $1360 or $3.48/kg sold a/c GC&VJ Muller, Mount Gambier

Princess Royal Feedlot, Burra, bought 13 Angus/Simmental steers 13-15 months, av 327kg, at $1120 or $3.43/kg sold a/c LF&YL Ellis, Roseneath, Millicent


Wodonga 16/6 – 2664 head yarded

D and A Merbach, TableTop, selling seven Simmental cows, not rejoined with calves for $1975, and N.J. and W.G. Lazarous, Wangaratta, recieved $2040 for their pen of 12 Angus cows, not rejoined with calves.


Auctions Plus 17/6

16 Charolais/Simmental X Steers from Bolton Qld, 176.7kg, $755/hd

35 Charolais/Simmental X Steers from Bolton Qld, 199.1kg, $780/hd

19 Simmental/Angus and Simmental Hereford X from Bingara, 145.1kg, $500/hd


Source: Asmus, NVLX, Landmark Boyanup, QCL, Stock Journal, The Land, Auctions Plus