Around the yards w/e 1st July 2016

Simmental heifers sold at Bega 28 June

Simmental heifers sold at Bega 28 June

Bega 28/6

A/C Helen & Clinton Leahy “Cloverdale” Cobargo at Bega NSW 1 Simmental heifer vealer 360kg topped the sale at 3.49 c/kg $1256. 1 2 tooth Simmental heifer 530kg at 2.70c/kg $1431 sold on fat sale 28th June.

Blackall 30/6 – 1744 head yarded

Adams & Son “Darracourt” Blackall sold Simmental Cows for 282.2c/kg weighing 670kg returning $1890/hd. Simmental X Heifers for 330.2c/kg weighing 349kg to return $1152/hd

Dalby 28/6 – 5175 head yarded

GT & CE Patteson of Kingaroy sold Simmental Steers 387.2c 207kg to AV $804 Heifers 343.2c 204kg to AV $719

DJ & D Crawford of Kingaroy sold Simmental Steers 364.4c 208kg to AV $758 Heifers 326.2c 170kg to AV $576

Sue Walker of Condamine sold Simmental Steers 378c 295kg to AV $1115

Moss Vale 29/6

5 Black Simmental cows 277.2c/kg, healing 639kg for $1771

Naracoorte 23/6

NW&JT Thomas averaged $1038 for 23 Congeith-blood composite steers, view August/September 2015-drops weighing 229-335kg.  TFI bought the top draft, page av 335kg, at $1192 or $3.56/kg, while Pinkerton Palm Hamlyn & Steen snapped up the lighter draft at $975 or $3.84/kg.

Yarlalla sold EU and PCAS-accredited Angus/Simmental heifers, April/May 2015-drops at an average of $1153. The top draft av 327kg sold at $1157 or $3.53/kg to Thomas DeGaris & Clarkson, while a second draft av 325kg sold at $1147 or $3.53/kg.


Photo: C Leahy Simmentals sold at Bega

Source: C Leahy, Jim Pola, Jim Hindmarsh, Stock Journal