Around the yards w/e 20/5

Around the yards w/e 20th May


Biggenden 9/5

R&K Preston, information pills Eidsvold sold milk tooth Simmental heifers for 263c/$845.

D&J Bargenquast, Brooweena sold Simbrah weaner heifers for 264c/$627.


Biggenden 4/5

Best Pen of Simmental or Simmental Infused Weaners – RJ & KJ Preston, Eidsvold

Lehmann Cattle Co, Tansey sold Simmental cross steers for 345c/$1009.

AW Beddows, Booubyjan sold Simbrah weaner steers for 343c/$997.

Wayne Beddows, Murgon sold Simbrah steers for 338c/$883.

The Neubecker Trust, Yandaran sold Simbrah steers for 347c/$932.

The Rhind Family, Yerra sold Simmental cross steers for 338c/$923.

TW&RJ Hall, Buxton sold a line of Simmental cross steers for a top of 336c/$890

TW&RJ Hall, Buxton sold Simbrah heifers for 276c/$637.

A&VE McIntyre, Gin Gin sold Simmental cross heifers for 280c/$743.

The Neubecker Trust, Yandaran sold Simbrah heifers for 290c/$761.

Lehmann Cattle Co, Tansey sold Simmental cross for 281c/$885.

RJ&KJ Preston, Eidsvold sold Simbrah heifers for 287c/$796.


Mt Gambier 13/5

G&D Dobbe, Dartmoor, Vic, sold 18 Angus-Simmental steers, av 300kg at 10-12mo, at $1080 or $3.60/kg to Keatley Livestock, Mount Gambier.

Landmark Millicent bought 15 Woonallee and Stoney Point Angus-Simmental steers av 256kg at $950 or $3.71/kg from Childerley Park, Naracoorte.

Yaralla sold eight weaned EU-accredited Angus-Simmental steers av 336kg at $1130 or $3.36/kg to Thomas DeGaris & Clarkson and a second draft of nine av 357kg to Thomas Foods International at $1235 or $3.46/kg.

Weaver Livestock sold 20 weaned EU-accredited Red Angus-Simmental steers, May/June-drop, av 300kg, at $1065 or $3.55/kg to Elders Mt Gambier.

G&D Dobbe sold 20 Angus-Simmental heifers, 10-12mo, averaging $983, with their top draft av 318kg selling at $1025 or $3.22/kg.


Yea 13/5

Webb Past Co, Glenburn, 78 Black Simmental steers from $865-$1010.


Manjimup 24/4

Hyde Park Grazing sold a Simental steer weighing 405kg for $1182 and 292c/kg to RA Rogers before selling young bulls to Livestock Shipping Services for $1438 and $1414, up to 285c/kg for the 580 and 496kg bulls.


Sources: Burnett Livestock, Stock & Land, Stock Journal, Farm Weekly