Around the yards w/e 25/11


Simbrah X heifers Auctions Plus 18/11


Simmental X Brahman sold on Auctions Plus 18/11 for $1069/hd

Blackall Q, buy information pills 10/11 – 1254 yarded
Adams and Son, help Darracourt, prescription Blackall, sold Simbrah cows for 234.2c/kg, 610kg for $1428.

Gympie Q, 14/11 – 1225 yarded
Simmental  x steers from Peter Gous sold for $3.37 or $1,148.
Simmental x steers from Ken Cunningham, Goomboorian made $3.59 or $1,031.

Dalby Q, 16/11 – 1279 yarded
RC & EM Skene of Cecil Plains sold Simmental Heifers to restockers 371.2c 275kg AV $1020
BE & AM Taylor of Millmerran sold Simmental Steers to restockers 362.2c 353kg AV $1279 Simmental Heifers to restockers 353.2c 330kg AV $1165

Biggenden Q, 21/11 – 1392 yarded
AW Beddows, Booubyjan sold milk tooth Simbrah heifers for 322c/$1111. Milk tooth Simbrah heifers from Gin Gin sold for 324c/$996.

Boyanup WA, 22/11 – 1238 yarded
TR & AE Purnell sold 1 Simmental X cow, 635kg, 204c/kg for $1295.40.
IR & RB Staples 12 Simmental strs 394kg, 350c/kg for $1381.04, 10 Simmental steers 373kg, 358c/kg for $1335.34. 10 Simmental hfrs 363kg, 336c/kg for $1219.68

Warragul V, 21/11
Week old purebred Simmental calves sold for $530 and $520/hd.

Auctions Plus 18/11
A/C A C Klijn, St Anns Stn, Charters Towers Q, 38 Simmental x Brahman heifers 345.6kg, $1069/hd
A/C Yambutta Pastoral, Boolara, Meandarra Q, 34 Simbrah x Droughtmaster X heifers, 270.7kg, $975/hd from Gowrie Simbrah bulls.

SELX NSW, 24/11
Des & Pat Anable, Grabben Gullen with Greg Anderson of MD & JJ Anderson who sold 6 Simmental Steers to a top of 388c/kk, 275.8kg, $1,070.23

NVLX V, 23/11
EJ & CW Mcburnie, Burramine,  Simmental X cow 732kg, 248c/kg for $181536

Roma Q, 24/11 – 924 yarded
John York, Taunton, Roma, sold Simmental steers to 300c for 633kg to return $1901.

Auctions Plus 25/11
A/C Zahl Wycheproof Past Co, Alpha Q, 35 Simmental X steers, 315.6kg, $1330/hd
A/C S J Todd Constructions P/L, 14 Simmental X Charolais/Santa steers & 4 Simmental X Droughtmaster X steers, 391.4kg, $1245/hd

Sources:  GDL Blackall, Sullivan Livestock, GDL Dalby, Burnett Livestock, Landmark Boyanup, Auctions Plus, SELX, NVLX, QCL


Simmental steers sold for $1070 at SELX 24/11