Around the yards w/e 27/5

Roma 24/5

S & T Bond, here Borromoore, unhealthy Roma, sold Simmental-cross steers to 298c for 456kg to return $1361.

Silverdale 21/5

Lines of weaner Simbrah steers from Chasing the Dream, Boonah, sold for an average of $886 with a top of $940.

TRLX 23/5

Simmental X Steers sold by CP on account Advanced Planning made 317.2c/kg and averaged 357kg/$1135

NVLX 24/5

Cleveland Farming Co Pty Ltd of Allans Flat sold Simmental X heifers 350.0kg, 347.20c/kg for  $1215.20

Serpells of Wodonga sold Simmental cows 490kg, 205.6c/kg for $1007.44

Sources: QCL, TRLX, NVLX