Around the yards w/e 4/11


Gowrie Simbrahs PTIC cows sold on Auctions Plus 28/10


Simmental x weaner steers sold at Emerald 3/11

Auctions Plus 28/10
A/C Craigie Station, dosage Bonshaw Q, 30 Simmental X Droughtmaster feeder steers 378.7kg for $1329
A/C Gowrie Simbrahs, Charleville Q, 18 PTIC Simbrah cows, 661.6kg for $2210; 20 PTIC Simbrah cows 597.dkg for $1750; 19 PTIC Simbrah cows 587.7kg for $1750

Gympie Q, 31/10 – 1697 yarded
Steve and Terri Asmus sold Simmental X weaner steers for 381.2c at 252kg to make $960

Roma Q, 1/11 – 5900 yarded
R & J Peak, Peak Downs, Roma, sold Simmental X steers to 340c for 399kg to return $1358.

Emerald Q, 3/11 – 1900 yarded
Simmental x weaner steers weighed 280 kgs and made 371.2c/kg for a return of $1039/head.
Alan & Julie Jay “Boxarm” Springsure, sold Simmental/Braford X weaner steers to make 379.2c/kg, 265kg for $1008/hd.

Sources: Auctions Plus, Sullivan Livestock, Elders Roma, Michael Maguire