Boom in Simmental exports to China

Three different live export companies, online Austrex, Elders International and Frontier have exported Simmental heifers to China this year and both Austrex and Elders International have current orders for Simmental heifers for delivery in January/February 2016.
“We just cannot get enough Simmental heifers to satisfy the Chinese market” one exporter commented. “The Chinese market requires traditional Simmentals which makes it even more challenging to source enough heifers”.

Both registered and commercial heifers can be exported to China with 246 Category 1 registered heifers and 646 Category 2 commercial heifers exported in 2015.
President of Simmental Australia, Peter Wenn, said that he had never seen such strong demand for heifers from both the high priced domestic market and also live exporters. “It is great for the breed” he said.
Photo Courtesy: Austrex Website