Based on Simmental Breedplan Genetic Evaluation

Simmental Animal Selector

Interactive Search Facility – select Simmentals to match your needs. Includes Pedigrees, EBVs, Indices, Owner Details and some photos. Sires, Bulls, Females, Elite & Superior Dams.

Sire Summary
Full List of Active Sires, EBVs and Statistics. (Allow time for Sire Summary to download)

Percentile Table
Where animals rank or fit within the breed for each Trait. Explanation And Use Of Percentiles

AI Sires List
A list of Accredited AI Sires and owners.

Explanation of EBV’s
And Tips on how to Read the Sire Summary and Other Breedplan Reports.

Accredited Scanners
A list of accredited scanners for ultrasound scanning for eye muscle area, fat depth and intramuscular fat.

Accredited Scorers
A list of accredited scorers for scoring and measuring structural and functional traits using “Beef Class”.

Breedplan Websites
Information on Breedplan and related technologies- regularly updated

SBTS Website – the Southern Beef Technical Services (SBTS) Website –
Diary of Events and a wealth of Breedplan related material

Breed Object Website
Explanation of Indexes and customising your own Breed Object Indexes

Simmental Breedplan using the Percentile Table to rank animals within the breed

The Percentile Band Table indicates where an animal ranks in the breed for each of its trait EBVs.
The Breed Average EBVs are shown as the “Highest 50%” percentile.

Some examples:

An animal with a 200 Day Weight EBV of +25 kg ranks in the Top 10% of the breed when compared with all the 2009 calving year animals analysed in the 2011 (Autumn) Simmental Group Breedplan.
An animal with a Birth Weight EBV of +0.8 kg ranks in the Top 30% of the breed.
An animal with a Calving Ease Direct EBV of –1.9% ranks in the Lowest 20% of the breed for this trait.

View the Current Simmental Percentile Table
For further explanation, please contact Simmental Australia or Breedplan.