Bylaws update November 2021

Dear Members

Please see attached link to the Bylaws passed in the November meetings.

Changes were made to:

Branding and tattooing at 2.7 (P6)

We have also added new AI sire genetic testing requirements to: 2.13.6 (vi) (P8) & 7.5 & 7.6 (P20) in the fees section. There is a full description of the genetic tests on the Definitiions page being P15.

A copy of these will be put on the website and to the Download Files area of your Member login.

Any questions, please email or call Felicity on 0488 062 287.


Text messaging update: This week we launched a text messaging service to alert the membership to upcoming events or important email blasts.
I was made aware that the Auction link was very close to the Opt-Out link where one member hit the Out by mistake. If this was also you and you’d still like to receive the SMS. Please contact me via email and I can reinstate you on the list. 
If you did not receive a text message on Thursday and would like to be included in future, please use the email link above and I’ll add you onto the list.
This is not intended to spam you and we’d welcome feedback to the service. We may open this up as a paid service for upcoming sales and events. It’s up to you……