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Latest news
Board meeting: The next Board meeting is set for Armidale on December 1. This is our Financial meeting and setting of the budget for 2018. Also on the agenda is a trade mission to Texas, USA next year, discussion on our $index values, the next step in genomic testing, our presence at Beef 2018, The National Sale and more. If you have anything you wish to bring to the Board, then please contact your Federal representative.

DNA procedures: You may already be aware the UQ is now known as Geneseek and there will be new DNA kits and test bundles we can now offer. We will have more on this after our Board meeting, so in the meantime, still send your hair samples in the bags/kits you have.Going forward, when you ask for kits to be sent we will be charging you the cost of those kits at 88c each plus postage. New sample instructions are here.

Annual Magazine: Keep an eye on the mailbox for this year's annual due out from December 1. you will read about the latest export shipment from WA, how a NSW member has fought back after the devastation of the Sir Ivan Fire, observations from a Welsh visitor, a full wrap up of the QLD junior camp and two stories on the producers featured in our corporate video.

Christmas office hours: The office will be closed from December 25 and will reopen Tuesday January 2nd. Claudia will be taking the week before Xmas as leave and Felicity the week after New Year. If you have sales catalogues needing to be completed, would you please have the lots to us by Monday December 11th at the latest to ensure Claudia time to process. Anything received after that date may not be completed til the New Year. Geneseek also advise that any samples received at the lab after the first week in December may not be processed prior to Christmas.

Invoices: If you've ever needed a copy of an invoice outside of office hours, then we've solved your problem. Invoices are now available in the member login, download area from November on.

Above: Wongalea - Morse family, NSW
Below: Kim and Donnette Edwards, Tellarup Brook Farms, WA
Welcome to Tellarup Brook Farms in WA, We thank Kim and Donnette Edwards for taking part in our corporate videos and you can read more on their enterprise in our annual magazine.
On the Show Circuit

Since our last newsletter we have had shows in Geelong, the North Coast National and Royal Hobart. These and more regional shows can be seen in our Regional Shows Album or #showdaywednesday album on our Facebook page.

A special mention goes to Damelee Simmentals for taking out the Supreme Exhibit at Royal Hobart with Damelee Moonbeam.

Branch News

BEEF 2018

Entries are now open for the Stud Cattle Schedule for Beef 2018. The cattle competitions will be at the heart of the Beef 2018 program, with events including live stud cattle judging, commercial cattle classes, junior judging and paraders, led steers and carcase competitions.

World Simmental-Fleckvieh Conference 2017 – Izmir, Turkey

Cattle Breeders Association of Turkey (CBAT) in conjunction with the WSFF held a conference in the Izmir province, with 2nd Vice President- Peter Wenn in attendance. The conference consisted of tight program which included, WSFF & ESF Board/Council meetings, discussions of cattle breeding in Turkey, Technical Tours/Simmental Farm visits - Bontoro Cattle Farm, Dorcan Cattle Farm and Hasan Turek Cattle Farm.

The Deputy General Director from Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock greeted the guest with a presentation along with other distinguished guest from Germany, Austria and Denmark. Predominately dairy Simmental, the Turkish Cattle Breeders are focusing more on bulls- feeding them out until 15 months old for the meat industry with the demand increasing. Following the WSFF conference meetings the Turkish Breeders held a Gala Dinner with guests and breeders from all around Turkey. The following day guests were invited to a cultural programme to visit The Ephesus, Shrine of Mary Most Holy, Sirince Town prior to departing. On behalf of the ASBA, Peter Wenn would like to sincerely thank CBAT President – Kamil Ozcan, Secretary General of CBAT-Huseyin Velioglu along with the Councillors, organisers and cattle breeders of Turkey for making them feel most welcome and holding this truly amazing event.

Captions: Peter Wenn with Italian represenative visiting a local winery;
Peter Wenn representing Bontoro Cattle Farm representatives with an appreciation certificate; cattle enjoy a little sprinkle of water to aid with the extreme heat; Peter Wenn on the cultural tour


With the Victorian Branch holding its own “on farm challenge” this year with major sponsor Browns Stockfeed and renowned Judge – Mr. Peter Collins who was very impressed by the quality of cattle on display. The Browns Stockfeed Simmental On-Farm Challenge dinner and presentation night was held where the winners of each of the 12 classes including the Junior and Senior Champions were awarded with certificates/trophies. The Victorian Branch will certainly be looking forward to next year’s Challenge after the positive feedback and enquiries from members and cattle breeders around Australia.

Victorian Branch would also like to thank those who donated items for the Fundraiser
Simmental Australia, MERIAL Australia, The Farmers Mailbox, Laraleigh Simmentals, Mt Ararat Simmentals, Kaye Gillett, Pinaroo Hills Simmentals, Meddi Livestock Supplements, Max Bowman & SEMEX Australia.
Winners were:
Female Under 12 months
1. Tugulawa Meg. Graeme & Jean Smith, Warrowie.
2. Milky Way Merca. Doelle Family, Milky Way.
3. Warrowie Nell. . Graeme & Jean Smith, Warrowie.
Female 12 to under 18 months
1. Rowlon Park M450. Exhibited by Don Buchanan.
2. Pinaroo Hills Minty. Peter & Vanessa Wenn, Pinaroo Hills.
3. Pinaroo Hills Marlsey. Peter & Vanessa Wenn, Pinaroo Hills.
Female 18 to under 24 months
1. Valley Creek McPherson. Exhibited by Stu & Jill Cameron, Inverleigh.
2. Savannah Savvy. Salesian College, First XI.
3. Milky Way Sarta. Doelle Family, Milky Way.
Female 24 to under 36 months
1. Milky Way Brina. Doelle Family, Milky Way.
2. Hillbro Park Lulu. Peter & Jane Fraser, Hillbro Park.
3. Warrowie Libby. Graeme & Jean Smith, Warrowie.
Female 3years to under 5 years
1. Milky Way Brianna. Doelle Family, Milky Way.
2. Milky Way Sorrol. Doelle Family, Milky Way.
3. Pinaroo Hills Jayla. Peter & Vanessa Wenn, Pinaroo Hills.
Female 5 years and over
1. Milky Way Zarina. Doelle Family, Milky Way.
2. Woonallee Lucy G38. Garry & Kaye Gillett, Lara Leigh.
3. Waterfront Elanora. John Leek, Mt Ararat.
Bull Under 12 months
1. Milky Way Mini Minor. Doelle Family, Milky Way.
2. Mt Ararat Manuka. John Leek, Mt Ararat.
3. Mt Ararat Mountain. John Leek, Mt Ararat.
Bull under 18 months
1. Milky Way Naldo. Doelle Family, Milky Way.
2. Strevan Park Danny, Bernie & Fiona Evans, Strevan Park.
3. Milky Way M403. Doelle Family, Milky Way.
Bull 18 to under 24 months
1. Pinaroo Hills Major. Exhibited by Peter & Vanessa Wenn.
2. Milky Way Port M172. Doelle Family, Milky Way.
3. Milky Way Buster M74. Doelle Family, Milky Way.
Bull 24 to under 36 months
1. Rowlon Park Titanium, Don Buchanan, Rowlon Park.
2. Zantuk Creek Lazarus. Dale Chappel, Zantuk Creek.
3. Warrowie Lion. Graeme & Jean Smith, Warrowie.
Bull 3 years and over.
1. Milky Way Slate. Doelle Family, Milky Way.
2. Mt Ararat Kilimanjaro. John Leek, Mt Ararat.
Two offspring of one sire up to 18 months.
1. Progeny of Rowlon Park Tyson. Don Buchanan, Rowlon Park.
2. Progeny of Woonallee Jetstream. John Leek, Mt Ararat.
3. Progeny of Starwest Total Value. Cam Emerson, Alva Koort
Junior Champion Female. Valley Creek McPherson. Exhibited by Stu & Jill Cameron.
Junior Champion Bull. Pinaroo Hills Major. Exhibited by Peter & Vanessa Wenn.
Senior Champion Female. Milky Way Brianna. Exhibited by The Doelle Family.
Senior Champion Bull. Rowlon Park Titanium, Exhibited by Don Buchanan.

Ryan – Emerson Award, “Judges Choice of Best Bull under 30 months of age”
Awarded to: Rowlon Park Titanium, Exhibited by Don Buchanan.


North Coast National - Lismore

He was rescued from a watery grave the day he was born but has now gone on to take out the all-breeds supreme champion stud beef exhibit at the North Coast National Show. Coolibah Magnum, a 15-month-old Simmental bull from Guyra, showed now signs of his dunking, beating the best of 21 breeds at the Lismore show. More

Below: Supreme Champion All Breeds Exhibit of the 2017 North Coast National was the Simmental Junior Bull "Coolibah Magnum" owned by Madison Morgan and led by Casey Wieck. Taken here with the judges David Bartley, Kelly Runzer, Steve Hayward and Richard Duddy. Along with Sponsors Sam Stephens and Glenn Weir and owner Madison Morgan
Around the yards
Each week on the website we post the agent's quotes for that week that we can find. I find plenty of market reports that don't name the breed. Have a word to your agent to send their reports to us or for them to post on social media, tagging Simmental Australia in their posts.
Around the yards Oct/Nov

Emerald Q, 12/10 – 1200 yarded
The Cox Family, Mt Surprise, Alpha sold Simmental/Brangus cross feeder steers topping at 296 cents to weigh 380kg or $1126, topping the 350–400kg steer category.
NVLX 11/10
R Barley & D Cox of Jindera, 1 Simmental bull 1160kg, 264.20c/kg for $3064.72
Jark Constructions P/L of Cudgewa, 1 Simmental cow 600kg, 235c/kg for $1410
NVLX 10/10
JF & EM Terrill & Son, Rutherglen, 14 Simmental X steers 410kg, 315c/kg for $1291.50. 8 Simmental X steers 398.8kg, 313.2 for $1248.90. 9 Simmental X heifers 385kg, 300c/kg for $1155.
R Barley & D Cox of Jindera, 1 Simmental x steer 438kg, 313.2c/kg for $1371.82
J Lee of Castle Creek, 6 Simmental x steers 247.5kg, 320.2c/kg for $792.50. 5 Simmental X heifers 243kg, 298.2c/kg for $724.63.
NVLX 17/10
Turner Mahonga, Eubalong, 10 Simmental steers 520kg, 302c/kg for $1570.40
T Randall, Lurg, 2 Simmental X heifers 514kg, 288c/kg for $1480.32
M & J Murphy, Goomalibee, 9 Simmental X heifers, 431.1kg, 288c/kg for $1241.60
Dalby Q, 18/10 – 1843 yarded
GT & CE Patteson of Kingaroy sold Simmental X bulls to processors 256.2c 775kg AV $1985
Muchea WA, 9/10 – 2126 yarded
Elliott & Son, Keysbrook, Simmental X cows, 617kg, 165c/kg for $1018
Gympie Q, 58/10 – 875 yarded
Peter Gous, Simmental cross steers $3.35 ($824).
Auctions Plus 20/10
A/C TA & JM Pointing, Walcha NSW, sold 30 Simmental X Angus/Shorthorn steers, 366.9kg for $1196/hd. (Barana Simmental sire)
Auctions Plus 13/10
A/C Wahl Wycheproof Past Co, Alpha Qld, 42 Simmental X steers, 266.1kg for $975/hd.

TRLX 30/10
Simon Burke sold Simmental steer calves for 296c/kg

Clermont Beef Expo results, Q, 25/10
The Finger family, Hillview took home the grand champion exhibit and the champion pen of prime for the second year in a row with their Simmental-cross 100-day grain fed bullocks, which weighed 701kg to make 292 cents-a-kilogram to return $2048/head.
The grass fed Jap bullock class was won by Frankfield Pastoral Co, Frankfield, Clermont with a pen of Simmental-cross bullocks, which made 267c/kg to weigh 640kg to return $1710.
Troy and Ann Kinnon, New Corry, Clermont won the weaner steer class with a pen of Simmental-cross steers they also took out the champion pen of store cattle as well, the steers made 342c/kg for 287kg to make $983. (Photo below left)

NVLX 31/10
Turner Mahonga, Eubalong, 16 Simmental X heifers, 488.1 kg, 300c/kg for $1464.38. 6 Simmental X heifers, 417kg, 295c/kg for $1230.15

Dalby Q, 1/11 – 2977 yarded
NK, ME & DN Jeffery of Kingaroy sold  Simmental steers to feedlotters 334.2c 327kg AV $1095 Simmental heifers to feedlotters 312.2c 324kg AV $1011

Auctions Plus 3/11
A/C GJ & CA Offerman, 36 Simmental X Braford feeder steers, 458.8kg for $1370.71/hd

Blackall Q, 16/11 – 1620 yarded
Adams & Son “Darracourt” Blackall sold Simmental cross cows for 224.2c/kg weighing 643.5kg returning $1442/hd

Auctions Plus 17/11
A/C CG & JP Coe, Henty NSW, 10 Simmental X heifers, 322.4kg for $1018.10/hd. 4 Simmental X heifers, 334.8kg for $1064/hd
A/C CD & AL Stewart, St George QLD, 19 Simmental X Droughtmaster steers, 247.2kg for $875/hd
A/C Craigie Station, Bonshaw QLD, 75 Simmental X Droughtmaster steers, 395.9kg for $1192.70/hd.

Below Left: Jake Passfield with Clermont Beef Expo grand champion exhibit winners Frank and Scott Finger, Hillview, Clermont. Steers sold for $2048/head. Below Right: Craigie Station, Simmental X Droughtmaster steers on Auctions Plus

Credit Card facilities are available
ASBA have credit card payment facility available - just phone the office with your details and payments can be made straight away.

EFT payments

PLEASE ensure when making EFT bank payments, you use your herd member I.D letters in the description and send us an email with the workorder number you've paid for that would be appreciated. This ensures the payments are allocated to the correct account.
Above: Russells of Mt Macquarie QLD
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