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Breeding Program

The Australian Simmental Breeders Association maintains a breed register for each of the Simmental, Black Simmental, Red Simmental, Simbrah and SimAngus breeds.

Breeding Registered:

Each Stud Member is issued with a unique Herd Designation (a three character code) and a Registered Stud Prefix which together form part of the registered identification for each animal bred by the stud.

Registration in the Simmental, Black Simmental and Red Simmental registers requires both parents to be registered and for the stud member to have an ownership interest in the parents. Each registered animal is issued with a Registration Certificate and is eligible for genetic evaluation in Simmental Breedplan.

In these three registers, a Purebred results from a Purebred  mated to a Purebred or Grade 3. A Grading Up Register enables Simmentals to be progressively graded up from registered First Cross (Grade 1) to Purebred status.

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The Register for each breed records full pedigree, birth, ownership and other details for each registered animal. Ownership Transfer records are maintained to assist in locating ownership of each animal. Accuracy of recording is enhanced by members’ obligations to abide by the Association’s regulations and by random parentage verification utilising DNA testing.

Stud, Junior and Commercial Members may record their commercial cattle in the Simbeef Performance Register (SPR), enabling genetic evaluations of these cattle alongside all other Simmentals and crosses using Simmental Breedplan.

This program applies for each of the 3 Breed Registers