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Breed Uniform policy

The following breed uniform is to be worn at all shows and in the public sale ring.
• Blue shirt supplied by ASBA with the Simmental logo,
• Blue jeans or blue trousers,
• Brown Simmental show vest (optional),
• Hats are optional but must be a proper broad brimmed hat (no caps), and
• Proper leather boots, no runners.
The brown vest, while still remaining part of the uniform, is optional for your comfort. If it’s too hot, don’t wear it. Take it with you and make the call on the day.

If you are found to be parading without the breed uniform, you will receive a written warning as a first offence. A second offence will result in expulsion from the show or public sale ring.

Further offences will result in 1.6 Code of Behaviour being invoked.

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Last Updated on 30 October 2023