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Inject profit
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The Next Level
in Performance

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The Breeders’ Choice
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The Breeders’ Choice in Profit


The Next Level in Performance

Cross with a Simmental to gain the advantages of hybrid vigour to boost your performance and profitability. Add Growth, Carcass and Fertility to your herd with Australian Simmentals.

The advantages of hybrid vigour include:

  • More saleable weight…10 to 15% or 25 to 60kg
  • Trimmer carcases – less waste fat
  • More muscle
  • Higher yields of saleable beef
  • More productive F1 females
  • Earlier turnoff at desired market weight

To get the advantages of hybrid vigour from “SIMMENTAL” you can use our Traditional, Red, Black, or SimAngus. In the North use the Simbrah for better performance in the tropics.


Inject Profit into your Herd

  • Traditional Simmental
  • Black Simmental
  • Red Simmental
  • SimAngus
  • SimBrah

Traditional Simmental

Simmentals originated from Switzerland. The Simmental breed grew to become Europe’s dominant dual purpose beef/milk breed. Over the past 30 years, the Simmental breed spread to other continents, including North and South America, Africa and Australasia, where Simmentals are predominantly used for beef production.

Today there are over 50 million Simmentals worldwide, making the breed the second most numerous world breed following Bos Indicus breeds

Breed Description

Mature Weight: Bulls: (1,000 to 1,200 kg) Cows: (550 to 800 kg) Colour: From blonde to chestnut to cherry red, with white markings on the head, underside of brisket and belly. The legs and tail switch are generally white and there may be white patches on the body. Often dark pigmentation around the eyes and large eye patches. Horns: Simmentals are naturally horned, but Simmental regulations require dehorning for registration. Polled strains of Simmental also exist.

Black Simmental

In the early 1990’s Simmental breeders in the US sought to change their breed so that it better captured the market essentials important to the cattle industry and the consumer. Simmentals already possessed excellent maternal traits, growth and yield. They added to this the eating quality of Angus, polledness, earlier maturity, no eye cancers and calving ease to create the Black Simmental.

One of the Simmental breed’s biggest advantages is its adaptability. Breeders around the world have created animals that uniquely suit their environment or purpose.

The origins of Black Simmental were the result of mating Simmental to Angus. Over time a small number of breeders continued to utilise a grading up program from animals possessing the dominant black gene to reach a “pure” Simmental status. Purebred Black Simmentals are black in coat colour, contain at least 15/16 Simmental content and are registered in the society’s Black Simmental register.

Red Simmental

The Red Simmental evolved from strains of Simmental and Black Simmental displaying more red colouring on the head, body and legs. Importantly they possess red eye pigmentation.

Purebred Red Simmental cattle must have at least 15/16 Simmental content and are registered in the society’s Red Simmental register.

Today, Red Simmental are predominantly solid red coated and polled. The Red Simmental brings an exceptional boost in weight gain and carcase yield along with the bonus maternal characteristics of extra milking ability and fertility.

Red Simmental are particularly useful in crossbreeding systems with other red coated breeds and composites to maintain the red coat colour while utilising the many production advantages of Simmental.

Red Simmentals possess all the valuable traits of the Simmental breed, differing only in coat colour, which is predominantly red and with less white markings than the Simmental.


The Simmental is genetically engineered toward efficient, economical production of tender, lean, palatable beef — the product in demand by consumers today.

The SimAngus Breed was created in the late 20th century in response for a demand for a crossbred animal combining the superior qualities of the Simmental with Angus or Red Angus. This cross has proven a very popular as a means of producing cattle with high performance and high market acceptance levels.

The SimAngus breed combines the best traits of both parent breeds. Superior weight gain, muscling, meat yield and maternal traits of the Simmental with the meat quality, polled and solid coat colour attributes of the Angus and Red Angus. Popularity of these breed mixes has created a strong demand for both bulls and females with varying combinations of Simmental and Angus/Red Angus.



The Simbrah breed has been developed to boost performance of northern Australian beef herds.

Developed through structured crossbreeding of Simmental and Brahman, the Simbrah combines the best of both parent breeds:

Sim – The Simmental is renowned for its superior weight gain, fertility, carcase yield and temperament qualities.

Brah – The Brahman has proven popular in northern environments for its heat, tick and disease resistance.