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The Simbrah breed has been developed to boost performance of northern Australian beef herds.

Developed through structured crossbreeding of Simmental and Brahman, the Simbrah combines the best of both parent breeds:

  • Sim – The Simmental is renowned for its superior weight gain, fertility, carcase yield and temperament qualities.
  • Brah – The Brahman has proven popular in northern environments for its heat, tick and disease resistance.

Simbrahs are the ideal choice to crossbreed with Brahman and other Bos Indicus infused herds. They boost productivity while retaining the adaptability traits.

The market requirement for younger beef has demanded cattle that reach desired market weight at a younger age and with higher carcase yield characteristics. Using Simbrah, progeny can be turned off up to one year earlier and at heavier weights. This generates increased cash flow while reducing stocking pressure.

Simbrahs reach puberty early and have high fertility, further boosting herd profitability. The coat colour of Simbrahs ranges from dark to light red or grey. Simbrahs generally exhibit a white face and white underline.

Simbrahs are registered in the Australian Simmental Breeders Association’s Simbrah Register.

This register records three strains of Simbrahs:

  • High Simbrah (75% Simmental : 25% Brahman)
  • Medium Simbrah (50% Simmental : 50% Brahman)
  • Low Simbrah (25% Simmental : 50% Brahman)

This flexibility enables the use of a Simbrah strain to match the environment, breeding design or market requirement of individual herds.