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Technical Articles

$Index FAQs

What are $ Indexes?

Though EPDs allow for the comparison of genetic levels for many economically important traits, they only provide a piece of the economic puzzle. That’s where $ Indexes come in. Through well conceived, rigorous mathematical computation, $… Continue reading

IGS Docility Scoring

Temperament is an important trait for all beef producers.

Improved Temperaments add dollars to the bottom line through improved growth rates, increased carcase compliance and decreased labour and operational costs.

Docility is one of the EPD’s available to Simmental breeders… Continue reading

Frequently Asked IGS Questions

IGS (International Genetic Solutions) is the world’s largest beef genetic evaluation system. A collaboration of progressive cattle breed associations, with nearly 18,000,000 total animals and more than 340,000 annual registrations, IGS provides beef producers with some of… Continue reading

Understanding the IGS EPD suite



Reported as the percentage of extra unassisted births in first calving heifers, relative to the average.

CE-D is relative to the direct Calving Ease of the animal. Higher values are more favourable.

CALVING EASE… Continue reading

An Index is not an EPD

Photo supplied by ASA

By Lane Geiss, ASA

$API and $TI A Bull Buyer’s Best Friends

An index is not an EPD, but rather a measure of the difference in profitability for the designed scenario. Understanding each index can help… Continue reading

The Value of DNA Information

in the BOLT Single-step Genetic Evaluations

By Mahdi Saatchi, Rohan L. Fernando, Lauren Hyde, Jackie Atkins, Steve McGuire, Wade Shafer, Matt L. Spangler, and Bruce Golden, IGS Genetic Evaluation Team and Consultants.

DNA profiles provide additional information about the genetic… Continue reading