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Joining Simmental Australia

Membership Benefits

The Australian Simmental Breeders Association is responsible for the promotion and development of the Simmental and associated breeds. The information, services and assistance available to members are detailed below. They are targeted to enhance breed and breeder performance and boost the profitability of members’ cattle enterprises.

Operate a Simmental Stud

Stud and junior members may establish and operate a stud herd with a unique stud prefix. The Association maintains the registered herdbooks of the Simmental, Black Simmental, Red Simmental, SimAngus and Simbrah breeds. Ownership transfers are recorded and members receive registration certificates for all registered progeny.

Commercial Cattle Breeders

Become a Commercial member and enjoy the wide range of services available. While unable to register cattle or enjoy a voting right, Commercial members may record their herds in Simmental IGS Evaluation.

Technical Services

Whether a newcomer to the cattle industry or an experienced cattle breeder, you can benefit from the Association’s Technical Support and Advisory Service. Genetic performance of animals throughout the breed is regularly evaluated, providing members with invaluable information for their selection and marketing programs.

Simmental IGS Evaluation

All members may have their cattle recorded and analysed in this powerful and valuable genetic evaluation program.

Production Trials

All members are offered opportunities to participate in a range of pasture and feedlot productivity trials to help guide their breeding, management and marketing programs.

Marketing Support

The Association assists members with their marketing programs by organising sales and shows, providing promotional support and advice on. marketing and advertising. The Simmental Website provides powerful marketing features.

Simbeef Program

Members may use the Simbeef trademark, including the distinctive yellow Simbeef ear tags to more effectively market their Simmental infused cattle. Higher prices often result from the use of these tags.

Caracse Competitions

The Association promotes involvement of Simmental infused cattle in live cattle and carcase competitions.

Continuous Breed Promotion

All areas of publicity are utilised. Detailed reports backed up by advertising in major rural newspapers, radio, television and the internet. This means that the Simmental breed is kept constantly in the public eye, with the breed’s achievements made known to the widest possible audience.


All members receive regular copies of Sim-Enews and the Simmental Annual. These are designed to keep members up-to-date with developments within the breed and the beef industry. Members are advised of all known forthcoming sales through Australia. The diary of events also includes judging dates for all royal shows, feature shows, seminars and field days.

Overseas Marketing

As a constant activity, the Association promotes Australian Simmentals both in Australia and overseas. It organises overseas market development and study tours, including the World Simmental Congress, staged every two years at varying localities. These tours are available to anyone with an interest in the breed providing excellent industry contacts.

Progressive Council

The ASBA Council consists of eight directors elected by Simmental breeders from all states. Their job is to advance the breed’s strategic position in the feed industry and keep abreast of modern trends throughout the world.

The Association provides for the following memberships


Membership is available to any person wishing to register Simmental animals, but you must be over the age of 18 to vote

Junior Stud

Membership is available for those up to 25 years of age. Allows Junior member to register animals in their own stud. Junior members do not have voting rights.

Junior Non-Stud

Membership is available for those up to 25 years of age. No requirement to own or ability to register animals. Junior members do not have voting rights.


Membership enables beef producers interested in the breed to participate and receive the benefits and privileges. Commercial members do not have a voting right, but they are welcome to attend all meetings and functions. Commercial members may not register cattle, but may record their herds in Simmental IGS Evaluation.


Membership allows members to remain aware of the progress of the breed by receiving copies of all Simmental publications. Associate members do not have voting rights.

Stud Membership

Stud members may operate a stud herd, enabling pedigree recording and marketing of registered cattle.
To join as a Stud Member, you may own one or more heads of cattle registered in the Association’s herd books.

Application Guidelines

Application for membership can be made either on your own behalf or in the name of a company or partnership.
For stud membership, this name will represent the owner of the stud.
In the case of a company or partnership, one person should be identified to act as the representative or agent.
For a stud membership, this nominee enjoys voting rights.

Membership Fees inclusive of 10% GST
Type Joining Fee Annual Subscription Total
Stud $78.20 $336.55 $414.75
Junior $12.30 first year – ongoing $24.60
Commercial – Associate $52.15 Overseas $47.40

Membership Application Form

Property Address if different
Registered Office Address of Partnership or Company
DD slash MM slash YYYY
I agree to the Association publishing the above details on the Simmental Website(Required)
What level of membership are you looking for?(Required)
I agree to pay the relevant fees and be bound by the Society’s Memorandum and Articles and conform to the Rules, Regulations and By-Laws of the Society. Stud and Juniors need a Prefix below. Non-Stud, Commercial and Associate please put N/A.
DD slash MM slash YYYY
The stud prefix (stud name) without the words Simmental or Simmental Stud, needs to be unique to you and you must provide three different choices.
I would like to call my Simmental Stud by this prefix: