Around the yards w/e 8/9

Kylie Davies Cows and calves Singleton 050917

Simmental cows with calves made $2020 at Saturday’s store sale at Singleton. Acutely dry weather led to a reduced yarding as producers hang on in hopes of rain. Photo courtesy of The Land


Singleton NSW, 2/9
A pen of pure-bred Simmental cows, PTIC, with calves by a black Simmental bull topped Saturday’s Singleton store sale at $2020. Owner Kylie Davies, Singleton, also sold a pen of the same not in calf but with calves for $1650. Both pens remained local.

NVLX 6/9
Unthank, GJ & PL, Bungowannah, 1 Simmental bull, 815kg, 277.2c/kg for $2259.18.
Trustee for Jacob Harold Ross, Bonegilla, 1 simmental bull 960kg, 270c/kg for $2592.

Dalby Q, 6/9 – 4943 yarded
Billa Park Beef P/L of Miles sold Simmental x heifers to feedlotters 292.2c 317kg AV $928
Iwona Partnership of Hannaford sold Simmental x heifers EU 266.2c 481kg AV $1282 Simmental x steers EU 278.2c 484kg AV $1347

Moss Vale NSW, 6/9 – 776 yarded
11 Simmental x steers sup fed, 405kg, 311.1c/kg for $1260. Tops 330c for $1394.

Boyanup WA, 5/9 – 301 yarded
EW, WE & JA Moyes sold 8 Simmental X steers, 460kg, 284c/kg for $1306.40

Sources: The Land, NVLX, Jim Pola Marketing, Jim Hindmarsh, Landmark Breeding