New Registrar, Tip of the Week, new website coming

Introducing Kayla, our new Registrar

Meet Kayla Preston. Kayla has been a Registrar for many years with the Shorthorn Society and has been employed by the Genetic Hub from 1 July, as both Simmental and Shorthorn Registrar.

Kayla has been working behind the scenes learning the Bylaws and grading system of Simmental and will now be liaising with members by email with certificates and pending registrations. Her email address is Please check your spam folder if you have submitted registrations since 1 July and haven’t received anything in the post to date.

DNA requests and phone calls will still come to Felicity. S1 forms and batch registrations will be forwarded to Kayla for processing.

Welcome, Kayla.

Tip of the Week

When putting an animal’s Horn status on your S1 forms or Excel sheet, please choose HORNED and not Dehorned. We need to capture the genetic status of the animal so that it gets the correct suffix of (H). Dehorning is a management decision and doesn’t need to be entered on the animal at registration.

The Dehorned status has been removed from the online registration webpage (see photo), so those entered are correct.

Coming soon.……… In the next few weeks, Simmental Australia will be rolling out a revamp of the website. We’ve been working on an update all year and will proudly launch the new look very soon. More details next week.