Simmental N.S.W. Youth Project Paraders Competition

Grand Champion Simmental Parader Annie Pumpa, Judge Harris Thompson, Samantha Moeck from VC Simmentals and Jenny Bullen from the Simmental NSW Youth Project

2022 Sydney Royal Easter Show


PeeWee (8-10) Supported by MKR Simmentals (Robinson Family)

1st           Max White

2nd          Macy Iseppi

3rd           Jessica Salter

4th           George Baldery

5th           Taylar Wotherspoon

Champion Max White                   Reserve Champion Macie Iseppi

Junior (11-14) Supported by LL Livestock (Briony Looker and Tim Light)

Heat 1 (11-13 year)

1st           Massimo Pisciureri

2nd          Chelsea Green

3rd           Jake Gotts

4th           Riley Larnach

5th           Keira Campagnolo

6th           Twiggy Thompson

Heat 2 (14 years)

1st           Olivia Thompson

2nd        Drew Weller

3rd           Macy Wake

4th           Lily McCosker

5th           Courtney Campbell

6th           Freya Conn

Champion Massimo Pisciureri                   Reserve Champion Chelsea Green

Intermediate (15-17) supported by Tennysonvale Simmentals (Baldry Family)

Heat 1 (15 years)

1st           Thomas Duddy

2nd          Millie Thompson

3rd           Charlotte Dandy

4th           Annabella Taylor

5th           Vincent Pisciuneri

6th           Alixis Chalmers

Heat 2 (16 years)

1st           Damon Murphy

2nd          Matilda Salter

3rd           Joel Offord

4th           Adam Fordham

5th           Charlie Steele

6th           Jim Hazell

Heat 3 (17 years)

1st           Lily Seaton- Cooper

2nd          Judy Hopkins

3rd           Tatiana Hazell

4th           Benjamin Duddy

5th           Riley Keogh

6th           Freya Weismantel

Champion           Thomas Duddy                  Reserve Champion          Lily Seaton-Cooper

Senior (18-20) years supported by Wormbete Simmentals (Hopkins family)

1st Trinity Martin

2nd Tayla Miller

3rd Annabel Glasser

4th Emma Steele

5th Sophie Worth

6th Jamie Vosper          Champion- Trinity Martin       Reserve Champion – Olivia Delaforce

Senior Mentor (21-25 years) supported by LNA Livestock (Luke and Natasha Adams)

1st Annie Pumpa

2nd Tayla Miller

3rd Alana Wade

4th Nicole Muller

5th Amy Whitechurch

6th Skye Baxter

Champion Annie Pumpa          Reserve Champion Tayla Miller

Annie Pumpa Grand Champion

Grand Champion supported by VC Simmentals (Stuart and Samantha Moeck)

Prizemony of $500.00 which Annie donated back to the Simmental NSW Youth Project.

The Leo Larsen Commitment and Compassion award supported by Sixpence Park Simmentals (Linda and Graham Martin)

George Baldry, winner of the Leo Larsen Commitment and Compassion Award with grandmother of Leo Larsen, Linda Martin and Simmental Councillor, Bill Cornell.

Winner George Baldry (Pee Wee) 8 years