Unprecedented collaboration in beef cattle genetic improvement

WA Simmental breeder Mike Introvigne, Willie Altenburg, Altenburg Simmental Ranch, Colorado USA (Bonnydale alliance stud) & Rob Introvigne. in 2018 Bonnydale genomically profiled its entire stud herd with the American Simmental Association utilising IGS, and has continued to genomically profile every calf since.

In one of his recent columns, genetics editor Al Rayner wrote about the broadening options open to bull breeders in performance recording, with some Australian breeds in recent times moving from BreedPlan to the International Genetics Solutions (IGS) program. In this article, IGS director of science and education, Dr Jackie Atkins, offers her perspective about the merits of the IGS system and where it is heading.

EARLY in life, we are taught to share – share with our siblings, share with our classmates and share with our neighbours.

The fact that we have to learn this behaviour is telling – it’s not instinctive. It is human nature to protect what is ‘ours’, and become territorial to ensure we have what we need to survive and thrive.

However we have seen how we all can do better by working together, sharing resources, and maybe most importantly, sharing ideas. This philosophy of comradery and collaboration is at the heart of the International Genetic Solutions (IGS).

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What is a COP Star Rating and how you can improve yours

Catriona Millen (SBTS) explains how to identify areas in which you could improve your Completeness of Performance star rating, and what measures you can take to do so in the video link below:

Tip of the Week – TSU “bucket lists”

When submitting your TSU’s for DNA testing, make sure you email the office an Excel Spreadsheet with your TSU ident and Animal Ident as shown.

This ensures no misreading of handwriting or typos when inputting into the lab’s database. Neogen have advised they can no longer accept the Word or PDF document with hand written information.