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Graphing Simmentals genetic trends

• All averages are based on a 5 year rolling average so calves born in the last 5 years.
• Apart from the trend graph which is a direct year average.

Every EPD is presented with an associated accuracy value. Accuracy values reflect the amount of information available on the animal and it relatives for use in genetic evaluation.
As we obtain and use more information in evaluating an animal’s genetic merit, the accuracy value will increase.
Accuracy values can range from 0.00 and 1.00 with a higher value representing greater accuracy.
Because accuracy indicates available information, they are extremely valuable as a risk management tool. The higher the accuracy the more certain we are of an animal’s genetic
merit and thus, the less risk there is in using the animal. The table shows the possible change (plus or minus) in the EPD of an animal, based on its’ accuracy. Any EPD changes are
expected to fall within this range (EPD plus and minus the possible change) 95% of the time.

EPDs are directly comparable, regardless of the accuracy, and they are also the most reliable reflection of an animal’s genetic merit. Accuracies, simply reflect potential risk.

EPD ranking as PDF