Accounts update

Dear Members

We will be slowly transitioning the accounting side from the ILR2 herdbook progam into Xero.

This month you will receive two copies of any invoices raised in September. You will have already received the invoice from within ILR2 as each workorder is closed and you will receive a copy from Xero on 1/10. All invoice numbers will be the same from both programs.

The aim of this is to make sure that the same information is being extracted from one program into the other before we turn the invoicing feature off from ILR2. Statements for September will be done the same way.

We would appreciate your feed back if there are discrepancies or even if you find the new invoice an improvement or not.

The decision to move into Xero is the ability to track the emailed invoices and keep an eye on the ones that may not get received due to a change of address, before we get to the overdue account stage.

Please check your SPAM folder and also let me know if you have not received an invoice from Xero if you believe you should.

Those who receive invoices by post, will continue to do so.

Any questions, please call Felicity on 0488 062 287.