Around the yards w/e 13/1

Lawries Sim-Hereford X

Lawrie’s Simmental Hereford X heifers sold at Naracoorte this week

Auctions Plus SA
Mount Gambier SA 8-10 mths SimmX strs, this site 318kg, web 426c/kg for $1355.
Naracoorte SA, 6/1 – 1471 yarded

David and Wendy Lawrie, 21 Simmental-Hereford heifers, March-April drop and December weaned weighing 365kg, 416c/kg for $1520/hd. Mr Lawrie said this was easily $350 up on his top heifers offered at last year’s sale.
WV James & Son, Cooranga 22 Black Simmental X Angus steers, 9-10mo, 458kg, $1630/hd.


Muchea WA, 9/1 – 1656 yarded
Koodiewoodie Grazing, Dandaragan, 1 Simmental cow 610kg, 202c/kg for $1239

Boyanup WA, 10/1 – 1164 yarded
GA & WM Abbott 10 Simmental x steers 409kg, 328c/kg for $1341.52
GE Scott, 10 Simmental x steers 347kg, 336c/kg for $1167.60
Biggenden Q, 9/1 – 598 yarded
AW Beddows, Booubyjan sold Simbrah weaner steers for 370c/$855.
Moreton Q, 10/1 – 685 yarded
A Gloag of Toogoolawah sold Simmental x cows for 266.2c weighing 700kg to return $1863.
Lismore NSW, 10/1 – 260 yarded
Darby Tickles Simmental steers topped at $1127.
NVLX V, 10/1
D C Rae, Murmungee, 6 Simmental X heifers, 315.8kg, 345c/kg for $1089.63. 1 Simmental X steer 298kg, 356.2c/kg for $1061.48

NVLX V, 11/1
Barnes & Morrison, Indigo Valley, 3 Simmental X cows 645kg, 252c/kg for $1625.40
SELX NSW, 12/1
E F Rickett & Son, Cootamundra sold Simmental X Steers to a top of 350c/kg, averaging 422kg, $1,477/hd
Butterworth Trading P/L, Braidwood sold Simmental x Steers to a top of 329.2c/kg, averaging 385kg, $1,267.42/hd
Auctions Plus – Hamilton weaner sale 12/1
KG & JK Robertson sold 21 Simmental X steers (Waterfront blood), 375kg, 360c/kg for $1443.75/hd

Auctions Plus 13/1
G & M Schuller, Culcairn NSW, 12 – 4yo Angus X Simmental(Dam) cows, 488.1kg for $1620
Wodonga 13/1 – from Stephen Burns via Twitter
19 Simmental X strs 359kg $1350 to feedlot.
23 Simmental Steers 377kg for $1345/hd to restocker.
7 Simmental X steers 297kg for $1140/hd to restocker.

Sources: Auctions Plus, Weekly Times, LCS, Landmark Muchea & Boyanup, Rural Weekly, NVLX, SELX

A+ mt Gambier Simm X

Simmental X steers sold on Auctions Plus from Mt Gambier this week