Around the yards w/e 16/6

Roma Q, 13/6 – 7664 yarded
A/C AJ & SJ Smith, Dirranbandi, Simmental X steers 396.2c/kg, 324kg for $1283. Simmental X heifers 340.2c/kg, 278kg for $945.
Beldene family, Beldene, Roma, sold Simbrah-cross steers for 334c/kg at 366kg returning $1225/hd.

Moreton Q, 13/6 – 475 yarded
Medium Simmental cows from D Laycock sold for 295c/kg weighing 558kg to return $1312.

Dalby Q, 14/6 – 4610 yarded
GT & CE Patteson, Kingaroy, sold Simmental X heifers 364c/kg, 249kg for $907
DG & LG Petersen, Kingaroy, sold Simmental X steers 356c/kg, 337kg for $1201. Simmental X heifers 348c/kg, 315kg for $1096
DJ & BC Perkins, Dirranbandi, sold Simmental X heifers 356c/kg, 263kg for $937
AJ & SJ Smith, Bollon sold Simmental X cows 253c/kg, 626kg for $1586
GT & LD Gadsby, Jandowae, sold Simmental X steers 376c/kg, 318kg for $1197. Simmental X heifers, 283kg for $988. Simmental X steers 353c/kg, 386kg for $1363. Simmental X heifers 338c/kg, 357kg for $1209.

Mount Gambier SA, 9/6 – 2583 yarded
A/C Baker Group, Furner, SA, 28 Woonallee blood Simmental/Angus steers, av 400kg at $1,580 or $3.95/kg sold.

Auctions Plus 16/6
A/C Marcollat Park, Marcollat SA, 50 Simmental x Hereford PTIC heifers 14-17 mo, 399.3kg, Waterfront/Yerwal bloodlines, $1550/hd
Sources: Grant Daniel Long, QCL, Stock Journal, Auctions Plus.