Around the yards w/e 1/9

Toogoolawah 180817

Toogoolawah: Noel and Liz Cook, Kindon, Goondiwindi, bought these Simmental steers for $1100.

Roma Q, 31/8 – 544 yarded
T&J York, Hyde Park,  Wallumbilla, sold Simmental-cross cows for 209c at 707kg returning $1480.

Monto Q, 1/9 – 372 yarded
Meissner Pastoral sold Simbrah heifers 342kg for 263c/kg returning $900.

Toogoolawah Q, 18/8 – 750 yarded
Simmental-cross steers 18 months sold at $1100.

Moreton Q, 15/8
Simmental x vealer steers account C Reinke, Esk sold for 317.2c/kg weighing 256.7kg to return $814.
Simmental x cows account G&P Scholl sold for 209.2c/kg weighing 605kg to return $1265.

Emerald Q, 31/8 – 1500 yarded
Alan & Julie Hay “Blairgowrie” & “EKA” Jericho sold Simmental/Braford/Santa/Red Brahman X Weaner Steers to top the sale at 379c, 269kg to return $1019.

Gracemere Q, 25/8 – 2880 yarded
J & Y Galea, Sarina- Sold Simbrah Weaner Steers for 362c/kg weighing 261kg to return $947per head

Biggenden Q, 21/8 – 1616 yarded
TW&RJ Hall, Goodwood sold Belmont Simmental cross weaner steers for 354c/$723. Belmont Simmental cross weaner heifers for 302c/$658.

NVLX V, 29/8
Turner, Mahonga, 2 Simmental heifers 516kg, 280c/kg for $1444.80
Woolshed Creek Pastoral, Markwood, 10 Simmental X heifers 571kg, 278.2c/kg for $1588.52

Muchea WA, 28/8 – 2063 yarded
ER Patterson, Katanning, 4 Simmental bulls 554kg, 276c/kg for $1529. 2 Simmental cows 706kg, 186c/kg, $1313.
I & J Minty & Sons, Dandaragan, 8 Simmental cows 629kg, 192c/kg for $1208

Boyanup WA, 29/8 – 179 yarded
Killarney Past Co, 3 Simmental cows 565kg, 190c/kg for $1073.50

Grafton NSW, 29/8 – 276 yarded
G R & R T J Winter Simmental steers made 290c/kg to return $1037/hd to restockers.

Auctions Plus 1/9
A/C Karn Station, Benalla Vic, 56 weaned Simmental X heifers, 11-12mo, 332.1kg for $950/hd. 38 weaned Simmental X heifers, 11-12mo, 333.7kg for $960/hd.
A/C RA & KA Crozer, Tambo Qld, 22 Simmental X Droughtmaster steers, 5-11mo, 279.7kg for $936.81/hd


Sources: QCL, North Queensland Register, Rural Weekly, Jim Pola, NVLX, Landmark, Farrell McCrohon, Auctions Plus