Around the yards w/e 20/1

SELX 20016

Nathan Sheahan, AgStock Pty Ltd sold Simmental x Steers at SELX 19/1

Naracoorte 200117

Bimbadeen Ag’s Red Angus X Simmental heifers at Naracoorte 20/1

Brewer Steers

Brewers steers at Victorian weaner sales this week


Farrell’s cattle sold at Victorian weaner sales this week

Weaner Sales Vic
BrewAG / BrewerBeef – Tallangatta Valley, 40 steers 8-10months, 399kg topped at $1550, avg $1414
AG & GM Farrell – Cudgewa, 35 Heifers topped $1145, Avg. $1127. 57 Steers Topped $1360, avg $1321.
McGahy Pastoral  – Mansfield, 43 heifers Topped $1220, Avg. 1187. 71 steers topped 1440, avg 1381.
Muchea WA, 16/1 – 2130 yarded
Koodlewoodle Grazing, Dandaragan, 5 Simmental x steers 322kg, 358c/kg for $1153/hd
Yea V, 18/1
Cross steers at Yea sell at $1260, approx 420c/kg.
SELX NSW, 19/1
Nathan Sheahan, AgStock Pty Ltd sold Simmental x Steers on behalf of Elma Hurst to a top of 300.6c/kg, averaging 511.9kg, $1,538.7/hd.
Wodonga V, 19/1 – 1500 yarded
JW&EB Scott, Benalla, sold 30 crossbred cows PTIC to Black Simmental bulls from $1375-$1650.

Kyneton V, 18/1 – 1399 yarded
Prices per kilogram varied from 340c/kg to 392c/kg, which was paid by Gippsland agency Everitt & Seeley for some Red Angus-Simmental cross calves, 316kg.

Roma Q, 17/1- 3766 yarded
Gardiner and Son, Collaroy, Charleville, sold 324kg Simbrah steers to 360c/$1166.

Dalby Q, 18/1 – 3918 yarded
N I Gadsby of Wandoan sold Simmental x Cows 248.2c, 641kg, AV $1592
NVLX V, 17/1
G & S Schilg of Burrumbuttock, 1 Simmental X steer 285kg, 356.20c/kg for $1015.17
EG & SG Martin, Lucyvale, 2 Simmental bull 1040kg, 266c/kg for $2766.40

Auctions Plus 20/1
A/C Epic Speckle Park, Penola SA, 3 unweaned Speckle X Simmental Heifers, 374kg for $1565/hd

Naracoorte V, 20/1
Bimbadeen Ag, Red Angus X Simmental heifers, 401c/k 380.8kg for $1527.01
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Simm X steers sold at Yea 18/1

Simm X steers sold at Yea 18/1