Around the yards w/e 31/3

Templeton calves sold at Warragul 27/3

Warragul 27/3
Templeton Simmentals sold 7 calves for $345each


Wodonga Vic, 15/3
5 Black Simmental heifers, 9-10 mths, 335kg, sold $1110. 16 Black Simmental steers, 9-10 months, 355kg, sold $1300.


Gympie Qld, 27/3
B and M Murnane, Wonga sold Simmental X weaner steers 390c/kg for $1068. The heifers made 328c/kg for $820.


Casino NSW, 30/3 – 2059 yarded
Bruce and Sandra Jorgensen, Mumulgum, who sold grass fed Simmental steers with Waterfront blood to $1525, weighing 389kg, to John Jackson, Jackson Agriculture, Armidale. Their heifers sold to $1160 bought as breeders by Gavin and Kate Warring, Stratheden.
Nathan and Kim Charters, East Coraki, sold 42 weaner steers from Simmental/Hereford females to Charolais bulls and won the ribbon for champion pen, as judged by Russell Stevens, ‘Wallona’ Millmerran. The young family sold their champion pen for 408c/kg at 375kg to realise $1528 to Bob Jamieson, Inverell, and sold lighter calves to 426c/kg.

Charters Casino 300317

Nathan, Blake and Kim Charters, East Coraki, sold this champion pen of EU Charolais over Simmental/Hereford weaner steers to 408c/kg topping the sale at $1664 at Casino 30/3

Simmental X Casino 300317

Simmental cross weaner calves on offer at Casino on day two of the three day annual sale.


Blackall Q, 30/3 – 2200 yarded
Reuben Mickan from Busthinia at Barcaldine topped the sale with that price for Droughtmaster/Simmental cross steers weighing 171kg, a total value of $750/head. They went to LKH Grazing at Clermont. Reuben’s heifers of a similar description brought 390c/kg. His father Stephen sold eight weaner steers weighing 136kg for 446c/kg.


Gunnedah NSW, 30/3 – 3500 yarded
Bill and Vicki Braun, “Coomoo Coomoo”, Blackville, sold 142 Brahman/Simmental-cross steers and 80 heifers with northern Brahman bloodlines and Lucrana Simmental bloodlines. The steers weighed from 221kg to 298kg and sold from 360c/kg to 420c/kg. The heifers weighed between 208kg and 263kg and sold from 340c/kg to 372c/kg.


Dalby Q, 29/3 – 4210 yarded
GT & CE Patteson of Kingaroy sold Simmental x steers to Restockers 402.2c 261kg AV $1050 Simmental x heifers to Restockers 336.2c 280kg AV $941
JM Allan & Sons P/L of Blackall sold An Outstanding line of 75 Simbrah Cows to AV 257.2c 683kg AV $1757 Simbrah Bulls 269.4c 902kg AV $2431


Auctions Plus 31/3
A/C C J Gleeson Bringalily Q sold 15 Simmental Charolais/Simmental 12-18mo feeder heifers, 379.3kg for $1220/hd
A/C Narrabri Billabong Past co sols 59 Simmental x Shorthorn 9-11mo weaned steers, 374.9kg for $1325/hd. 63 same again at 339.4kg for $1220/hd


Grafton NSW, 28/3 –
B G & M C Walker Simmental weaner steers sold to 356c/kg to return $1086/hd to restockers.

Blackall GDL stock agent Andrew Carcary with the Droughtmaster/Simmental steers that made $750 at Blackall's weaner sale on Thursday. Picture: Sally Cripps.

Blackall GDL stock agent Andrew Carcary with the Droughtmaster/Simmental steers that made $750 at Blackall’s weaner sale on Thursday. Picture: Sally Cripps.


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