Around the yards we 3/3

gunnedah stock and station

3 Simmental cows, 748.3 kg, 224.2c/kg for $1677.76 sold at Gunnedah 28/2

Packenham V, 28/2
B&C Pastoral Co, Mansfield, sold 42 Simmental cross steers from $1185-$1380.

NVLX 1/3
Walpole Partnership, Carboor, 2 Simmental X cow, 660kg 238.6c/kg for $1574.76

Vicden Dispersal, Kempsey NSW, 25/2
Females were in high demand with the top price of $4,200 being paid twice for a cow and a cow and calf, while heifers topped at $2,400. Bulls sold to $3,200.

Gunnedah, NSW, 28/2
A/C vendor of Purtle Plevey Agencies, 3 Simmental cows, 748.3 kg,  224.2c/kg for $1677.76

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