ASBA’s 49th Annual General Meeting – new roles

The 49th Annual General Meeting was held last Thursday, the 16th of May, 2019 in Gympie Qld.

There were two ballots put forward for the AGM and the results are as follows:

Victoria had two representatives put forward for the position in that state and the vote went to Peter Wenn.

Queensland branch put forward a special motion for a second councillor and the vote had the majority FOR the motion, but the motion needed 75% of the vote, so was therefore unsuccessful.

After the AGM the Board met to allocate positions, with the new roles as follows:

President – Stuart Moeck

Senior Vice President: Scott York

Junior Vice President: John Hopkins

Treasurer: Peter Wenn

Marketing and Media: G Gillett and M Frankcombe

Technical: S Moeck, G Gillett with members P Cowcher, N Hopkins and M Rowlands.

WSFF representative: P Wenn.

We thank all the members who took the time to open their studs for the tours, the exhibitors of the Feature Show and those who came along to the AGM.