E-news 23rd April 2021

National Show and Sale Online Catalogue

Entries have closed and the live and genetic lots are now online for viewing. Photos will be available closer to the sale date, but keep your eye on exhibitors social media pages for more information. We welcome onboard Proway Livestock Equipment as a major sponsor. More information can be found on their website here.

Live lots
Genetic lots

There will be an online show as part of the lead up to the sale on 18th June. We welcome renowned US cattle judge, PJ Budler as our Judge and will be using the Breeder.net platform for the show, similar to the “Simmental of the World” yearly competition.

Looking for sponsors of our show classes. $110 per show class and $220 per champion. Contact the office to book your spot.

The Cattle Shop are once again sponsoring the top priced bull and female of each breed. Thank you for your ongoing support, Daryl.

Feedback question:
It has recently been suggested that Pesti testing become part of the Simmental Bundle of tests with Neogen, as some members have assumed that this is already part of this request.

Do you want Pesti to be a standard within the Simmental Bundle?

What other tests would you like to see as part of the Bundle?

Email your responses here

Tip of the Week:
Did you know that using TSUs is faster and cheaper testing at the lab?
While the cost of a vial is dearer than a hair card, the lab deducts $3.30 per test when you use a TSU.
Not only does it save the lab time to process – no trimming of hair into a tube by hand – but it’s really quick and easy to collect.
Read this brochure for more information.

Remember that if you submit 3 traits or more (other than birth weight) you receive a 50% discount on your 100K component!!