E-news, S1 forms, Bylaws and AGM

2021 Female Inventory

The S1 calf registration forms and subsequent invoices were processed today, Friday 26th March.

Those of you with member logins will find your registration forms there.

Those who receive by post will receive their pack in the mail from the Genetic Hub in the next few days.

The Spring Inventory Disposal forms will be produced in April and will be available the same way.

Board Meeting

The Board met via Zoom this week with plans for the 2021 50th anniversary if full swing. We plan on having a celebratory event in each of the represented states, so if you’d like to get involved, please contact your state branch.

There will be an update to the current Bylaws in regard to the grading table as mentioned a few weeks ago and the clarification of semen share ownership, following on from our survey question a few months ago.

Once an updated version of the Bylaws is ready, one will go to your member login and on the website. One will also be attached the e-news when it’s released.

50th AGM

The 50th AGM of ASBA will be held in Glenelg, SA on Saturday 22nd May, at a time to be confirmed.

We will be taking accommodation and holding the AGM at the Oaks Plaza Pier. We have a booking ID for those who may wish to stay as well.

The Itinerary is to arrive on Thursday, stud tour on Friday, bus tour to Hahndorf on Saturday while the Board meets, AGM in the afternoon followed by a dinner.

If you would like more information, please contact the office.