E-news, Sale wrap-up and DNA update

Mt Ararat Quantum

Sale Wrap-up

The 2021 National Show and Sale has now concluded and we congratulate those purchasers in what was a tough sale in some areas.
The top priced bulls were:
Mt Ararat Quantum (right) – $19,000 selling into Qld
Settler Renegade – $17,000 selling to Bywong Simmentals, NSW
Mavstar Rawhide – $15,000 selling to Meldon Park Simmentals, QLD

The catalogues have been found to still be at the printers. Our list of members was not used despite assurances that they “were in the post” on multiple occasions. Discussion is ongoing.

Transfers will now be affected on the information we have from Auctions Plus to those named as a purchaser. Those sold to Agents names will need to be followed up by the vendors. If you have sold, post-sale, please send a transfer form.

Settler Renegade

Mavstar Rawhide

Neogen have advised of a slight prise rise for DNA testing from July 1.

Please download the latest form from the website here when ordering.
Please note that Pesti CAN NOT be requested in the Bundle but CAN BE requested as an ADD-ON to the Bundle.
Reminder that if you are a Breedplan member and eligible for the subsidy you can save $$
Member example: Bundle + Pesti less subsidy saves $20 compared to Pesti done locally. For this example, 3 bundles + Pesti pays for your TSU applicator (check your local merchandise store for comparative applicator cost)