Genetic Hub office moves to Wagga Wagga

The Genetic Hub business is a new collaborative business model developed by the Shorthorn Beef, Simmental Australia and Australian Limousin Breeders Group boards and is designed to provide registration, database management, accounting, communication and corporate governance requirements for breed societies. The model allows for dedicated staff to be assigned to dedicated roles and also for the creation of greater operating efficiencies for the stakeholders.

As planned, the new Genetic Hub offices have been taken over this week in Wagga Wagga, NSW at the Charles Sturt University Campus. The potential for collaboration with the University is very exciting and with more Agri-businesses moving into CSU, the potential for further collaborative projects will only get greater.

Whilst the move from the traditional breed society home of Armidale, to CSU at Wagga is a big step, Kayla Preston will continue to maintain an office in Armidale and Eliza Borchardt will continue to work from Queensland.

Over the next short period the Genetic Hub will look at hiring a new member to be involved in Communications for all 3 societies.

Currently, all phone numbers and postal details will remain the same.
0488 062 287


PO Box 216