Harvey Beef Gate 2 Plate Challenge now complete for 2017

The Harvey Beef Gate 2 Plate Challenge aims to imitate a real life commercial situation of cattle entering the MSA graded domestic grain fed supply chain in Western Australia. The aim is to give entrants a tool to analogise and benchmark their performance.

The competition allows beef producers to assess the performance of their cattle through the supply chain, evaluating whether their breeding objectives are aligned with market requirements. It also allows them to compare their performance against other breeds and crosses on an equal playing field, with limited variables.

Competitors entered a team of three owner-­bred cattle (two steers and a heifer). All cattle in the competition entered the feedlot on the same day and were fed the same ration in the same pen (separate  pen for Heifers and Steers) Heifers were on feed for 76 days and steers 88 days. On arrival at the processor  they were all processed on the same day at the  same abattoir, and graded on the same day, by the same grader.

Only objective, measurable data was collected on the cattle at each stage of the supply chain. The  data collected was based on factors that affect profitability for the feedlot and the processor as well as MSA grading which affects eating quality for the consumer. Teams with higher points are therefore those, which are both more profitable through the supply chain and produce a quality carcase.

The  Gate 2 Plate Challenge assesses cattle performance from farm “Gate” to the consumers “Plate”, however, it should be noted that profitability of the first stage of the supply chain – the cow-calf enterprise – is not taken into account in this competition. Profitability of the cow-calf enterprise requires measurement of a number of factors that are outside the scope of this competition.

It is hoped that this competition and associated field days will open conversations throughout the whole supply chain From Gate 2 Plate. Giving us all a better understanding  through opening conversations.

The Harvey Beef Gate 2 Plate Challenge “Schools Challenge”, co-­sponsored by COLES, allows the many Agricultural Colleges and schools to be engaged in the Gate 2 Plate competition. The aim of this day is to get youth to interact with industry representatives from Gate 2 Plate and encourage them into agriculture.


Team 5 from Camden Hill Grazing  

05 Camden weights 05 Camden Hill

Team 8 from Deeside Muirs

08 Deeside Muirs 08 Deeside weights

Team 17 from Bullock Hills

17 Bullockhills 17 Bullockhills weights

Team 18 from Denmark WACA

18 Denmark WACA 18 Denmark WACA weights

Team 20 from SA & SH Smith

20 Smith 20 Smith weights

Team 39 from Karrie Heights Estate

39 Karrie Heights Estate 39 Karrie Heights Estate weights

Team 54 from Brighton Farms Pty Ltd

54 Brighton Farms 54 Brighton Farms weights