Meldon Park Simmentals records new top sale average

Auctioneer Mark Duthie, SBB/GDL, with vendor Marty Rowlands, KBV Simmentals, Murphys Creek, and KBV Penfold which topped the sale at $24,000. Photo from QCL

By Jane Lowe, QCL

Meldon Park Simmentals set a new top sale average of $9212 at their sixth annual Simmental bull sale at the Billabong Sale Complex, Moura, yesterday.

The sale reached a top price of $24,000, with 66 of 67 bulls sold for a 99 per cent clearance rate.

The breakdown of the sale saw Rod and Lis Skene, Meldon Park Simmentals, sell 56 bulls for an average of $8500.

Invited vendors Marty Rowlands and Stephen Lean, KBV Simmentals, Murphys Creek, sold four bulls to average $15,500 and Jason and Piper Johnston and family, Navillus Park Simmentals, Obi Obi, Mary Valley, sold six bulls to average $11,667.

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