Member notice on the upcoming XSim dispersal

Dear Members

The Board and Staff of Simmental Australia have received a lot of inquiry as to the upcoming sale of the XSim Simmental herd and after careful consideration, wishes to inform its members of the Board’s position.

In regard to the Overseas born semen and embryo packages, these would need to be registered as such for the nominated fee and required DNA specifications met. We cannot guarantee the registration of each lot prior to sale as they would need to be submitted on a case-by-case basis to see if regulations have been met.

With regard to the main Australian born XSim herd, the Board cites By-Law 2.2.2: Any animal that is born in Australia must be first registered in the Australian register, before its registration in a foreign register will be recognized.

Therefore, no XSim x XSim Australian born animals can be registered in the Australian Simmental register other than the SPR register, of which animals cannot be transferred. Buyers would be able to register these in the SPR register themselves, as base animals and grade up via subsequent breeding.

If Australian born females are bought and then flushed to accredited sires, the progeny could possibly be registered with the donor dam being registered as a pedigree animal only and all regulations met ie DNA, pedigree.  As the donor dam is regarded as a pedigree animal she can’t be transferred to another member. Grades for these females would have to be worked out on a case-by-case basis as it cannot be guaranteed what grade they will be on our system at this time.

Please feel free to contact the ASBA office to discuss any of criteria above in more detail. We’ve put a lot of time into working this out for our members and want you to be fully informed, so please do call if you need to. If you know of any potential new members who may be purchasing, please show them this information.

Simmental Australia