Plans underway fo 2021 National Show and Sale

The Red Angus Society and Simmental Australia are again combining to have a National Show and Sale in 2021.

The sale will be held in June 2021 solely online through AuctionsPlus – date to be confirmed.

Registered cattle, Commercial cattle and genetics lots will be able to be entered.

Entries must be accompanied by professional photos and videos.

Live lots will be judged virtually via the videos – details surrounding this to be confirmed.

If you have any questions contact the committee representatives from each breed:
Daryl Schipp (Chair)
David Hobbs
David Croker
Stuart Moeck 0419 465 242
Peter Wenn 0417 317 830
John Leek 0409 537 445

Annual Magazine lift-out in the papers this week

Get an extra copy of the Annual in this week’s ACM papers.

If you wish to view online, please click here.

Finding where you fit

How does #BREEDPLAN handle animals that are entering the analysis for the first time? If you are a new herd considering joining BREEDPLAN for the first time, or bringing in an overseas sire and want to ensure he has the best possible starting #EBVs, read more in this article from the Spring 2020 SBTS & TBTS Update.