Simmental bulls sold to $20,000 at Illabo

Wormbete Simmental stud principals John and Nicole Hopkins, Illabo, with Nutrien agents Tim Woodham and Hamish McGeoch and the $20,000 sale topper. Photo by Brett Tindall

By Brett Tindal, The Land

The sale topped at $20,000 for a traditional Simmental bull from the Wormbete stud, while the Valley Creek team topped the females with a stylish black heifer at $19,000, with 38 of 40 bulls averaging $10,026 and 23 of 25 heifers averaging $8543.

The $19,000 heifer, broke the record for the Simmental breed as the highest priced Simmental female sold at auction in Australia.

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Guest vendors Samantha and Stuart Moeck, Valley Creek Simmentals, Bowral, with Annie Pumpa, ABS Australia, Henty, who secured the top heifer for Bill and Susan Cornell, St Pauls genetics, Henty, for $19,000. Photo by Brett Tindall