Simmental cross breeding program a success

Keith Chandler

Keith Chandler, Glentulloch, Injune with some of his Simmental cross herd. Picture: Lucy Kinbacher

By Lucy Kinbacher, Queensland Country Life

A DECISION to introduce Simmental genetics into their all red herd three years ago while taking advantage of the online auction world is paying off for Keith and Annabel Chandler, Glentulloch, Injune.

The couple who run a 10,100 hectare property are now back to operating a full capacity breeder herd of 1600 head since battling drought.

Their breeder herd was established off Hereford genetics before using Droughtmaster and Red Brangus bulls to create their all red line.

“We started with an all Hereford breeder herd and then we have just used Droughtmaster bulls or Red Brangus bulls over the Herefords until we got to a fairly all red herd,” Mr Chandler said.

“Then we have started to put Simmental bulls back over them and that’s proving very popular with our regular buyers.

“We started about three years ago just buying replacement bulls as Simmentals and just slowly changing bull herd.

“The introduction of the Simmental bulls came as a suggestion of Rod Turner’s from Landmark in Roma.

“There are still quite a few red bulls. We are probably about half and half now.”

For the last two years Mr Chandler has been selling weaners through either paddock sales or online using AuctionsPlus while cull cows are sold through saleyards.

The limitless borders of the online world has seen buyers from Charters Towers to Victoria purchase their EU accredited cattle.

“A lot more buyers have the potential to look at our cattle,” Mr Chandler said.

“We are EU accredited and we got talked into being EU accredited by our regular buyers because they had become EU…but now because there are a limited number of buyers around Roma you just want to be exposed to more.

“We sold 192 head which were trucked on Tuesday for $4/kg on farm and they averaged 303kg which is a bit lighter than we would normally sell but the money was there.”

Glentulloch is pasture improved with buffel grass and Brigalow Belah country.

Mr Chandler said there were two reasons behind his decision to incorporate Simmental into their herd.

“It’s the hybrid viguor when you put them across…but then it’s the softness that it puts back into the Droughtmaster style cattle,” he said.

While the property enjoyed a bumper winter season last year conditions quickly dried off.

Breeders at Glentulloch

Breeders at Glentulloch.

Cow and Calf at Glentulloch

A cow and calf at Glentulloch.

Favourite bull

Keith Chandler and one of his favourite bulls who doesn’t mind a scratch.