Simmental export order

Integrity Australia are currently seeking heifers to fill their next order. Details for the order are:

Type: Traditional markings and colours only
Age: 8 - 16 months at delivery to quarantine
Weight: Strictly individual minimum of 200kg on delivery
Price: $1550 + GST COMMERCIAL / CATEGORY 2 Heifers – delivered quarantine
Price: $1700 - $1800 + GST STUD REGISTERED CATEGORY 1 Heifers – delivered quarantine
Condition: Score 2 or better
Delivery Date: 26th-28th August
Delivery Location: Mumbannar Vic.
Pregnancy: Confirmed Unmated – (Strictly NOT PREGNANT)
China protocols apply, So only sourced from Bluetongue free zone

Please contact: Dominique Carter, Integrity Australia Pty Ltd

129 Greenhill Road, Unley SA 5061

+61 418 453 177