Submitting Days to Calving data on information you would already have

Most of you know the dates in and out for the bulls joining your females each year. How many of you actually forward that data? How else do you prove the fertility of your females?

The following article is available on the Breedplan website in full and I’ll post the link below, along with a spreadsheet for you to fill out and send in.

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Reproductive performance is a key determinant of profitability in a beef cattle enterprise.
Consequently, selection for improved reproductive performance should be an important
consideration for all beef cattle producers.

One major component influencing a beef enterprise’s reproductive performance is the
fertility of the female herd. The job of a female in a beef producing herd is to conceive,
preferably as early in the joining period as possible, carry a foetus during gestation, deliver
a live calf and raise it until weaning, within every 12 month period of her breeding life. A
female that does not do this is failing to do her job and eroding herd profitability.

While many producers manage the reproductive performance of their female herd using
different management strategies, in particular the culling of females that fail to get in calf,
research has shown that female fertility is influenced by the genetics of the breeding herd.
Consequently, Days to Calving EBVs provide a useful tool that breeders can use to
improve the genetics of their females for fertility, in association with their routine
management and culling strategies.

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Joining spreadsheet