E-newsletter January 2019

Welcome to 2019
The first sale of the year was the Blue Ribbon Sale in WA with Naracoopa and Inlet Views. Naracoopa topped the sale with Naracoopa Neumann (pictured above). More

The southern states are kicking off the year with their Field Days and Sales. Be sure to keep up to date with the events page here. If your event is not listed, then please fill out this form and send back to us.

Right: This Naracoopa Black Simmental bull sold for $16,500, the highest priced bull to ever sell at the Landmark Great Southern Blue Ribbon All Breeds Bull Sale. With the bull were Landmark auctioneer Michael Altus (left) and Naracoopa Simmental stud principals Kevin and Janice Hard, Denmark.
Feedback needed: This e-news is repeating a few items from the December bulletin as we would appreciate your feedback. Please see the information below.

Correction: In our latest magazine we had the incorrect photo on the Brisbane Royal page for Grand Champion Simbrah Female. Here is KBV Marta, Grand Champion Simbrah Female and Supreme Simbrah Exhibit.

Reminder: The flyers listed below are all available on our website (scroll down past the forms), either prefilled with ASBA details or in an editable form for you to place your details, for you upcoming sales and field days. You may also use these as adverts in media.


From the Board

Shed Cards revamp:
Following the feedback from members, ASBA has started redesigning the shed cards. Please click on the link to take a look (We’ve attached cards from the 2018 National) and be sure to email eosimmental@abri.une.edu.au with your feedback.

Stud Member of the Year:
At the recent Board Meeting it was decided to introduce an award for a Stud member that has been prolific in promoting the Simmental and Simbrah breeds.  This can be via, but not limited to, show results, sale results, field days and general promotion of the breed.  It could be a state based award whereby the winners from each state goes into a federal award.  This person will be nominated by members and voted on by the board at a presentation at the AGM each year.   (Need to make a form)

Draft constitution:
ASBA is in the process of updating it’s Constitution or Articles of Association, as is a requirement of Corporate Law. A copy will be sent out to members early next year for your feedback. Once those responses have been noted and changes made, a final copy will be sent out for voting on at the May AGM.

DNA testing subsidies:
ASBA will be continuing to subsidise Low Density testing in 2019 where herds have submitted three traits for Breedplan in 2018. They will receive a 50% discount on the LD test itself in 2019, on a pro-rata basis. Please contact your Federal rep or EO for more information.

REMINDER: No Q calves can be registered without the sire being LD/50K tested. Please call the office to check or check for his status on Animal Enquiry (see pic)

Trade Missions:
Expressions of interest are sought for the following trade missions in 2019/20.
Farm Fair and Agribition weeks in Canada in November 2019.
The Costa Rica WSFF meeting in approx. September 2019.
The next World Congress in Austria in 2020.
Please contact the office if you’re interested.

From the Office
Autumn Inventory listings have been sent out in December.
Please have these back to the office by January 31. Also note that you can use the online form on the member login website and fate off any bulls you may have sold during the year. Please note that there’s a big difference in Sold for Breeding and Culled if you’re a Breedplan member, so be careful.
Those herds who are experiencing drought affecting their female numbers should contact the office directly for consideration BEFORE invoicing occurs.

Poll testing results:
Do you have progeny that should be noted as Polled by Pedigree where the Sire and Dam have both been tested as PP? We’ve put in place that the progeny should show Polled by Pedigree on the website and need some progeny IDs to check. If you have Sires or Dams, including overseas, that have been tested and we don’t have them as PP, please let us know.

DNA cards:
Do you still have old UQ cards and ziplock bags you intend to use? Neogen has advised that they will charge an admin fee if the hair sample is not in their latest card. If you need new cards, please contact the office. These are charged out at 90c each. If you’re unsure what card you should be using, click on this link for more information. Anyone needing testing done prior to their sales needs to allow about 8-10 weeks for results, depending on the test request.

Show Vests:
ASBA is about to place an order for the brown woollen vests and asks if anyone needing vests in 2019 to please let us know ASAP. Please note the Simmental blue shirt is considered to be the breed uniform and the vests are only to be worn in cold weather for your comfort. If it’s too hot, don’t wear it.

Scarves and Ties:
We now have available a new range of scarves and ties for purchase (see below). They are $20 each and are available from the office. Note they are not a compulsory addition to the breed uniform but here if you want to wear a branded product.

Breed Uniform:
ASBA will continue the 50% subsidy of the breed uniform in 2019. The dark blue poly/cotton is $25 and the light blue cotton is $35. Postage not included.

S1 forms:
We are working on becoming paperless, as much as possible, here at the office, so we’re starting with the S1 forms. They will be sent to the member login – download files – section of the website as PDFs. Those who don’t have a member login will get the printed version posted to them. If you want a member log in, then please contact the office. If you have feedback on this idea, then please contact us as well.

Breed Uniform  Please send your order in before 10am on Fridays as we have limited stock on hand.

Do you have a logo?  We can put your logo on the animal search screen on the web so people see it every time they look up one of your animals. Send in your logo to simmental@abri.une.edu.au and we’ll upload it for $5.50 (standard photo upload price)
We can also upload a sale video of your animal of no more than 60 seconds and less than 1M is size, again for $5.50. We’ve had our first logo uploaded, check out AGO when you’re next on site.

Credit Card facilities are available  ASBA have credit card payment facility available – just phone the office with your details and payments can be made straight away.

EFT payments PLEASE ensure when making EFT bank payments, you use your herd member I.D letters in the description and send us an email with the workorder number you’ve paid for that would be appreciated. This ensures the payments are allocated to the correct account.

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